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Cow dung Manure online chennai

Cow Dung Cake

The cow dung is utilized for fields, plants as fertilizer. The cow dung is used for gas plants. The cow-dung is an efficacious disinfectant and often used as fuel in lieu of firewood in India. Cow Dung is antiseptic. Not only is it free from bacteria, it does a good job of killing it. Dried dung is odorless, and produces a slow, even heat. Additionally, smoke from a dung fire keeps flies away and acts as a mosquito repellent. If packed on the outside walls of a house, cow dung acts as an insulator, keeping heat out in the summer and holding it inside in winter.

Organic Manure Chennai

Manure for Gardening

Of all the animal manures commonly available, excluding horse manure, cow manure will supply the best bulk form of organic matter to the garden. The fantastic soil conditioning ability of cow manure due to the amount of quality organic matter, that no processed fertilizer can match, is reason enough to use cow manure fertilizer whenever possible to the garden. The soil amending properties of this really great natural fertilizer has to be used to be properly appreciated.

Buy Vermicompost online Chennai


Vermicomposting is the breaking down of organic material through the use of worms, bacteria, and fungi.  In nature, organic matter is decomposed through these organisms.  By managing vermicomposting you are essentially speeding up mother nature’s process of breaking down organic matter.  The end product of vermicomposting is a substance called vermicompost or “worm castings”.  This is a nutrient rich organic substance that can be added to soil to increase it’s organic matter content and available nutrients.



Physico-chemical properties of Panchagavya revealed that they possess almost all the major nutrients, micro nutrients and growth harmones (IAA & GA) required for crop growth.

Panchagavya is a living elixir of many micro organisms, bacteria, fungi, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, known and unknown growth promoting factors micronutrients trace elements antioxidant and immunity enhancing factors.

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